MARINA project will implement several activities in order to reach all its objectives. This list presents the most relevant ones, with the aim to ease the comprehension of the project activities among the general audience.


Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) workshops:  discuss, explore, propose and network

The Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) workshop brings together everyone who is interested in developing successful innovations, useful solutions and effective policies in the marine field.
It is a unique environment enabling the integration of citizens’ needs, expectations and opinions into the marine Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) process.
By using participatory and interactive methods we create a forum for exchanging knowledge, sharing best practices and co-creating RRI-driven solutions to marine challenges and hot topics.
MARINA project will organise two rounds of connected local and international MML workshops in 14 countries across Europe from November 2016 till June 2018.


Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP): share your knowledge! Take action!

In order to facilitate the cooperation of everyone involved in marine issues and the effective integration of the citizens’ ideas, this online platform will collect and organize all existing networks, communities and other platforms on marine issues; it will engage researchers, organizations from civil society, citizens, decision makers and industrial stakeholders, easing also their participation to other project activities (such as the MML workshops); it will represent a useful tool where everybody will produce and share information, documents, pictures and other resources and it will collect the whole material produced during the project. At the end, MARINA project will make the KSP able to represent the appropriate way to realise the RRI communities federation, one of the most important MARINA projects objectives.

The platform will be created also thanks to the production of a taxonomy and ontology of concepts and relations among EU directives and guidelines relevant to marine issues: this activity will provide a standard language understandable by everyone, both sector experts and citizens.


Mobilising policy to institutionalize RRI principles

MARINA project will contribute to the institutionalization of RRI principles into the European Union’s policies. Drawing on the experience from the MML workshops, the knowledge gained on the Knowledge Sharing Platform, and the lessons learned from established RRI implementations, we will engage policy makers in a dialogue with RRI practitioners during common Mobilization and Mutual Learning meetings. This will allow to understand their vision of the barriers that impede the wider application of the RRI principles in the marine and maritime sectors and to identify practical implementation guidelines on how to include the RRI principles in the policy making, with special emphasis on the marine key strategic issues and the Horizon 2020 societal challenges. The guidelines developed within this framework, along with reflections on the policy and institutional needs for consolidating “Science in and for Society” approach and the RRI knowledge and know-how, will be presented and discussed at a high-level policy conference in Brussels at the end of the MARINA project in 2019.


Creation of Guidelines and Good Practices for RRI

MARINA project will not focus only on marine issue but it will contribute also to the RRI approach implementation. Therefore, starting from what observed during MML Workshops and, more in general, from the constant discussion among all people engaged, it will be realized a document:

  • to collect and analyse best practices and lesson learned for mobilizing citizens and RRI actors;
  • to create a common vision and awareness on RRI approach;
  • to facilitate social learning and reach a common understanding of needs and expectations for marine and RRI governance.

These Guidelines and Good Practices will be focused on different methods and approaches used during all the MARINA project.



MARINA project will organize travelling interactive exhibitions in the European Cultural Cities throughout its duration. They will be focused on the main themes faced by the project, with the aim to increase citizens awareness and to disseminate best practices from MARINA and other projects on the same issues.  The exhibitions will engage the visitors by using different techniques such as sounds, smells, flavours, colours, pictures, videos, performances, presentations and so on. The exhibitions will ease the engagement of a greater number of people with different backgrounds, that will contribute to the research and innovation process.