Are you a conscious citizen? Do you feel that the existing solutions are not working anymore? Do you have an idea how to improve them? Are you concerned about the way Europe is going? Increasing unemployment, unsustainable growth, demographic and climate changes, damaged environment – you name it– do they directly affect you and your every-day life? Do you want to change it? Get involved now!

How? Very easy: join the research and innovation process! Yes, you can do it even if you are not a researcher, scientist or a innovator. You are a citizen, important part of the society, and you know best which change is needed in the environment around you. You know best which solutions would suit your expectations. Share your ideas with those that develop the solutions! MARINA project gives you the opportunity to get in touch with them and to make your voice heard in the research and innovation process, from the beginning to the very end.

How? Very easy: we organise Mutual Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Workshops and you can join them. The idea is very simple: we gather everyone who is interested in developing successful research results and innovations. This includes researchers, public authorities, business, industry, individual citizens and their organizations. Using various participatory and interactive activities, during each workshop we will create a forum for exchange of knowledge and common understanding of respective preferences, visions, expectations, barriers and enabling factors related to the innovation process. The workshops will focus on the most pending issues related to the marine environment. Join us and have a say in this process!

In addition, a Responsible Research and Innovation platform will be established to facilitate the cooperation of everyone involved in the project and to ensure more effective integration of the citizens’ ideas (also your ideas!) into the science and innovation.

Good practices and lessons learned in the framework of the project will serve as the basis for developing more general guidelines for citizen mobilisation, regardless of a theme. If you want to learn more about the organization of and the schedule for the Workshops, visit the section of the MARINA website entitled ‘Workshops’.

MARINA – ResponSEAble FINAL POLICY EVENT #OceanDialogues2019 – Brussels 18 – 20 March