In order to engage different audiences in MARINA topics, two different exhibitions were created. The large travelling exhibition is meant to stay in one location, such as a science museum, science center or aquarium center, for multiple months. The smaller light exhibition is meant to be set up in one location for a short while, for example one day at an ocean-themed event.

MARINA TRAVELLING EXHIBITION: An Ocean of Opportunities for a Blue Society

MARINA traveling exhibition enables visitors of all ages to learn about the importance of the world Ocean and responsible research and innovation through games, experiences and hands-on discoveries. It showcases the way we benefit from the treasures of the sea in our day-to-day lives and more specifically marine biotechnologies, deep sea mining, maritime transport and renewable marine energies.


The travelling exhibition consists of 4 elements, accompanied by information stands:

  • World Ocean Map: Visualise and combine World Ocean data on a gigantic screen. 

    Try out the demo in your web browser by opening the map and the console in the same web browser in different tabs!

  • Wave Energy: Produce waves to generate electricity
  • Marine Biotechnology Corner: Discover daily life products that contain elements obtained from marine organisms
  • Deep-Sea Mining: Control the arms of a robot to collect samples of minerals

The exhibition was created in Estonia, at the Science Centre AHHAA, in collaboration with Nausicaá, French National Sea Centre, in the framework of the MARINA project funded by the H2020 programme.

The World Ocean map incorporates data provided by our partners at the EU Copernicus Marine Service, TeleGeography and others.

Weight: 530 kg

Floor space:  70 – 100 m2

Ceiling height: 2350 mm

Available in January 2020

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MARINA LIGHT EXHIBITION: Let’s talk about the Ocean

Let’s talk about the Ocean is a light and interactive activity and exhibition on the importance of the Ocean in everyone’s life and that can be run outside a science centre or aquarium, university, a conference venue, etc. It aims at:

  • Raising awareness on main Ocean issues
  • Collecting public’s views and ideas
  • Having people thinking of their relationship to the Ocean


A question is asked in a public area, passers-by are invited to think of it, with the help of a facilitator and one facts and figure poster. The person’s answer, together with his or her name and age is displayed on the wall. At the end of the activity, tendencies, main ideas and concerns can be analysed by the organiser of the activity.


Let’s talk about the Ocean can be run in collaboration with World Ocean Network for specific events, or it can be freely printed by the user.
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