Do you know how to open a constructive debate about current European challenges and possible solutions? How to inform citizens about the possibility to join the research and innovation process? How to transfer a message about a project to those that, potentially, could be interested in participating or learning about the project’s results? The answer is exhibition!

Exhibition is one of the most effective ways to catch the attention of people, to raise awareness and to build a common understanding of a problem. Exhibitions act on all our senses! Using different techniques – sounds, smells, flavours, colours, pictures, videos, presentations, performances, etc. – they can impact our minds and open new horizons and possibilities. Finally, they have the unique potential to reach a great number of people with diverse interests and backgrounds .And those people can make a real change if they join the research and innovation process.

In MARINA project, we will create an interactive exhibition that will illustrate the benefits of integrating societal actors in the research process and will share best practices developed throughout the project. The exhibition will also present the most pressing issues related to marine life, including sustainable food production, clean transport, water supply, sustainable tourism, resource extraction, biodiversity conservation, etc. Great attention will be paid to the active participation of the public during the visit, including activities where the visitor needs to act and take decisions.

The exhibition will travel – it will be presented during different cultural and social events across Europe, including European Cultural Cities throughout the duration of the project. The figure below shows possible exhibition places.