MARINA Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) Workshop, Tackling Marine Litter – Brussels

2017-01-30 09:00 - 2017-01-30 16:00
Rue Ducale 1 1000 Bruxelles, Belgio Rue Ducale 1 1000 Bruxelles, Belgio

30 January 2017

Tackling Marine Litter: an inclusive approach

Marine litter and plastic pollution are among the greatest environmental concerns of our time. It is now well established that in addition to threatening wildlife and ecosystems, marine litter puts human health and livelihoods at risk, with severe and far-reaching consequences. Worldwide, awareness on this issue has been growing and we have seen citizens, research and industry begin to work on solutions. In 2016, the theme of World Oceans Day was “Healthy Ocean, Healthy planet” and a focus was placed on plastic pollution. Despite this, there is still a lack of multi-stakeholder engagement which is necessary to ensure a comprehensive approach.

How can we build an innovative approach that includes all stakeholders to empower the citizens so that they can help to reduce the marine plastic pollution?  

You want to use your creative mind to develop solutions that best serve individual citizens, your local community and the European society at large. You want to make sure that your needs and expectations are taken into account when local, national and European decisions and innovations are being developed.


The workshop is organised by the World Ocean Network, using the roundtable, open discussion and world café methodologies.  It will involve citizens, scientists, business representatives, entrepreneurs, local authorities and policy makers in an open dialogue. Together, you will define a common vision and a roadmap of solutions and actions to face this challenge. The results, together with the outcomes of the other MARINA workshops in Europe, will be freely accessible on the MARINA Web Knowledge Sharing Platform, used for identifying lessons learned and best practices and disseminated at European policy conferences.

30-01-2017, 9.30-16.00

The Royal Flemish Academy of Science and the Arts,

Palace of the Academy,

Hertogsstraat 1, Brussels, Belgium