marinapediaAs researchers, stakeholders, and concerned individuals we often find ourselves struggling to find reliable up to date sources of information. Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) aims at building a society where everyone has access to quality information before getting involved in important decisions. MARINA created a hub online to bring together a detailed yet concise pile of information about what is RRI and how it can be implemented into a specific scientific field like marine sciences.
The MARINApedia is an online information repository developed as a complementary tool of the MARINA Knowledge Sharing Platform. It focuses on marine hot topics and was designed following the format of Wikipedia.
The MARINApedia comprises nine distinctive portals which aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the multidimensional aspects concerning RRI. While the RRI Keys & Indicators Portal explains in lay language the six RRI dimensions, the Marine Sectors Portal identifies critical marine areas where RRI could be of the utmost importance. The RRI Projects Portal provides access to a list of 40 + European (co)funded projects directly or indirectly associated with the overall approach of RRI.
Another substantial element of the MARINApedia relates to the demonstration of 500+ Lessons Learned derived from the execution of 45 Local and International Mutual & Mobilisation Workshops organized by the project between 2016 and 2018. These Lessons Learned are not limited to the marine field. Instead, they are applicable to any research sector as they provide simple recommendations on how; for example, a participatory workshop can serve to achieve a common vision about a divisive issue.
In order to raise awareness among the internet users about the importance of preserving and respecting the marine environment along with creating an online hub for researchers and business representatives interested in reading the most recent updates on topics related to the ocean and the renewable energy sector, to mention some, the MARINApedia contributes to raise awareness on marine problems by being daily fed by six credible on line news sites, namely Oceans Deeply, ScienceDaily, renews.BIZ,, Renewable Energy World and Subsea World News. In addition, the MARINApedia also portrays a “Today’s Featured Picture” which hosts a slideshow of powerful images from the personal collection of the extreme aerial dancer Katerina Soldatou which aim at sensitizing the society about the protection of the ocean.

Should you want to become part of the project, visit the MARINApedia on line and navigate through the different Portals before deciding to freely register and contribute.

(by Andreas P. Andreou, CNTI and Tiago Garcia, Eurocean)