We are proud to announce an important result for our MARINA project: together with the ROCK project, we will be empowering the newly born “Community of Innovators in Cultural Heritage’, the new policy initiative by the European Commission.

The Community of Innovators in Cultural Heritage is a policy initiative that will help to disseminate R&I results, create new synergies among key stakeholders and bridge the gap between research, market and society.




The Community of Innovators in Cultural Heritage will connect three main ‘worlds’ :

  • Innovators and researchers;
  • Investors and businesses;
  • End-users of innovations (municipalities, public bodies, cultural institutions, etc.)

The initiative is empowered by the H2020 Marina and ROCK projects, which are establishing the innovative web-platform called: ‘Innovators in Cultural Heritage’.

The platform is open to all innovators, researchers, practitioners, ‘change-makers’, entrepreneurs and ‘end-users’ of innovations. They can place innovative products and services to visit, register, share and to disseminate updates, news and events, virtual meetings, discussion rooms a market-place and will foster the creation of new synergies between users. The platform will be able to federate communities and will allow registration from individual members in a common virtual environment where discussion and knowledge-sharing are fostered.
The Community has been officially launched on 15th of  November 2018, during the event ‘Fair of European Innovators in Cultural Heritage’.


All info about the ‘Fair of European Innovators in Cultural Heritage’ is available on the European Commission official website.

Access to the Community of Innovators in Cultural Heritage