“How to institutionalize the Responsible Research and Innovation approach: from theory to reality”

Science Centre AHHAA in Tartu, Estonia, 18 September 2018

“Towards RRI Practices and Policies” (TRRIP 2018) is a conference organised by the H2020 MARINA project in conjunction with research institutions and policy-making bodies, aims at collecting contributions focusing on actions required to improve evidence-based policymaking related to coastal areas and seas with a specific focus on what RRI could contribute and what role institutionalisation of RRI dimensions by public administrations and research institutions could play to improve evidence-based policymaking.

Evidence shown by practical case-studies, lessons-learned and best practices adopted in supporting and applying evidence-based policy-making through RRI mechanisms and its institutionalisation by policy makers, public administrators and research institutions are sought to improve knowledge about which drivers, efforts, means and instruments could improve and institutionalise the participative collaboration of all social actors into the research and innovation process.

The ambitious outcome of the event is the definition of recommendations for improvement of evidence-based policy making for seas and coastal zones through RRI-mechanisms, and furthermore how this improvement could be institutionalised. The positive feedback arising from the actual implementation of RRI for evidence-based policy making could strengthen political commitment to RRI implementation by increasing demand from society for such an approach.

Specific themes of interest to RRI-Public Practices 2018 include but are not limited to:

  • Evidence-based policy-making for seas and coastal zones;

  • Conceptualisation of the science-policy interface with respect to evidence-based policy-making;

  • Impact and use of scientific data and knowledge in policy-making;

  • Knowledge coproduction and co-creation with stakeholders, scientists and policy makers;

  • Benefits and implementation of public engagement in Research and Innovation;

  • New models of governance in public administrations and research institutions related to the RRI concept;

  • Gaps, barriers, lessons learnt and best practices on institutionalizing the RRI related approaches for evidence-based policy-making;

  • Drivers for institutionalizing relevant RRI mechanisms in evidence-based policy making;

  • Experiences and recommended actions to embed RRI in the organisational procedures of public administrations and/or research institutions;

  • Change Management Approaches for institutionalising RRI.

Important Dates

  •        July 10, 2018: Deadline for abstract submission

  •         July 20, 2018: Deadline for paper submission

  •         August 10, 2018: Notification of acceptance

  •        August 31, 2018: Submission deadline for the final version of the papers

  •        September 2, 2018: deadline for conference registration

  •        September 18, 2018: RRI-SIS TRRIPP Conference

Policy workshop

The conference will also host a 3 hours policy workshop on RRI implementation in public institutions with the participation of policy makers, RRI implementers and practitioners.

Find all details on the TRRIP 2018  Conference and Call for Papers on the  Conference website.