icona3Under "Policy mobilization" plan of activities,  MARINA partners are organizing discussion groups named “Knowledge Sharing Platform Dialogues” (KSPD) aiming at identifying approaches and practices for ensuring a proper inclusion of societal challenges into the research and innovation policy and processes, setting up an interaction between policymakers, scientists and the general public. We asked national and international policymakers across Europe to identify, if any, the main barriers to the inclusion of societal challenges in this context. These barriers are the object of the dialogues. You can participate in the dialogue by giving us your opinion about which actions could be undertaken to overcome the selected barrier. The contributions provided by the representatives of civil society (YOU!) will stimulate a statement from a relevant selected policymaker which will be posted in the discussion area, stimulating further discussion, thus creating an interactive loop. We are very much looking forward to your contributions! Follow the links below for more information:
  • Dialogue 1 – Organized by ISPRA - Italian language
  • Dialogue 2 – Organized by SmartBay - English language
  • Dialogue 3 - Organized by CIC nanoGUNE - Spanish language