13 March, Copenhagen

More value. Collaboration on mitigating climate change in coastal areas by community-driven processes.

Merværdi. Samarbejde mellem private lodsejere og kommuner om klimatilpasning i i kystnære områder. Man has lived by the coast for generations. But due to the so-called Anthropocene, the changes have become more fundamental, bigger and severe. Coastal projection is defined as “sustainable development” of the lived life in order to secure the life frame for the next generations (Bruntland rapport 1987), putting a human being in the central role of an action-based strategy. This monumental need for mitigating coastal areas calls for a new way of collaborating between private and public landowners, but also new ways to bridge deep technical knowledge with environmental considerations, and politics with private motives like economy (as private landowners will be forced to pay for the climate solution), lifestyle preferences and the quality of everyday life, in order to secure our human life by the sea.
marina_mml_cover Picture: Public Domain
  How should collaborations between private landowners, municipalities, municipalities, NGOs and researchers be organized and driven in order to make the mitigation of coastal towns and lines more innovative, economic and environmentally sustainable?  You want to use your creative mind to develop solutions that best serve individual citizens, your local community and the European society at large. You want to make sure that your needs and expectations are taken into account when local, national and European decisions and innovations are being developed. GET STARTED! FOLLOW OUR WORKSHOP AND SHARE YOUR IDEAS ONLINE. The workshop is organised by Aalborg University, Copenhagen, using the Focus group methodology. It will involve citizens, scientists, business representatives, entrepreneurs, local authorities and policymakers in an open dialogue. Together, you will define a common vision and a roadmap of solutions and actions to face this challenge. The results, together with the outcomes of the other MARINA workshops in Europe, will be freely accessible on the MARINA Web Knowledge Sharing Platform, used for identifying lessons learned and best practices and disseminated at European policy conferences. Location: Aalborg University, Copenhagen, A.C. Meyers Vænget 15, 2450 København SV