In the framework of the MARINA Project, the Italian Coordinator National Research Council - CNR is going to select subcontractors for four local Workshops.

The deadline for the expression of interest is 29th of November 2017 (4pm CET time).

For participating, see the documentation provided within the folder "MARINA Call of  interest_November 2017".

For any enquiry:


The folder "MARINA Call of interest_November 2017" contains:

1 Call MARINA Exploratory notice for expression.doc

2 Annexes I - II - III Scope and manner of services.doc

3 ANNEX IV Declaration.doc

4 Core contract H2020 - services-ALL-ND-1-1.doc

5 Allegato V Modello_tracciabilità (For Italian only).doc

6 Allegato VI modello_dichiarazione_per_durc (For Italian only).doc

If you already expressed your interest before 15 of November 2017, please check the annex IV. attached. If you did not use it, please send the new annex IV as integration of your previous expression of interest.