At United Nations Ocean Conference, held last June in New York, as MARINA Project we submitted our Voluntary Commitment  #OceanAction20696, titled “Responsible Research and Innovation for ocean conservation and sustainable blue growth”.



Objective: Increase policy, industry, academic and society awareness of the Responsible Research and Innovation potential and federate them to strengthen ocean conservation actions and lead Blue Growth initiatives in a responsible manner through governance, ethics, citizen involvement, ocean science education and gender equality.

Implementation Mechanisms:

  • Thirty-four  local mobilization and mutual learning workshops and 8 international workshops in 11 European countries carried out with highly participatory methods for policy makers, scientists, private sector and citizens to help them discuss a specific marine hot topic such sustainable tourism, marine litter, microplastics, overfishing, aquaculture and tidal energy, etc., create a common vision and a concrete roadmap of SMART actions to execute.
  • Four international policy workshops, 3 international scientific conferences using highly participatory methods and widely disseminating the results in Europe and abroad.
  • A digital knowledge management platform open to all and federating marine stakeholders for generating responsible research and innovation action in marine and maritime sectors.
  • A responsible research and innovation roadmap, lessons learned and guidelines will be published and openly accessible.

Find more on UN Ocean Conference official website