Yacht tourism constitutes a major part of marine tourism activities, particularly in Mediterranean countries; with economic, cultural and social implications on coastal communities. In addition to the esteemed recreational benefits to yachting enthusiast, the sector provides livelihood to a significant number of people through touristic services (accommodation, restaurants, shopping etc.), marinas and yacht building and repair industries. The ever continuing global interest in yacht regattas boost the design and material science for the sector and provides the major marketing tool of the industry. Bareboat charter and vacations at privately owned yachts gain importance with the deterioration of coastal resort towns and one’s need for solitariness. However these choices/benefits comes with environmental drawbacks. The yachting activities along coasts may act as a pollution vector. Marine litter, anchor damage on protected habitats, discharging of grey and black waste water, underwater noise and heavy metals used in antifouling paints has significant impacts on biological communities inhabiting the same seas. Yachtsmen and industry, regulatory authorities and marine scientists must work cooperatively to ensure the long-term health of the coastal areas and sustainability of marine ecosystem for future generations. For this purpose, we aim to gather representatives from different sectors of yacht tourism/industry and locals to discuss the actions and needs to thrive the sector and also on measures and regulations to protect the marine ecosystems. We will address the following problems and discuss the solutions:
  • The origin and reasons of marine litter at anchorages and ports
  • How to extend grey/black waste water disposal network
  • Buoys for safe anchorage on protected habitats such as Posidonia meadows
  • How to reduce pollution from marinas and shore services
  • How to decrease ecological footprint on marine ecosystem.

photo: public domain

What political, economic, social/cultural, technological, legal, environmental and educational actions are needed for thriving yacht tourism while at the same time protecting the marine ecosystem?

You want to use your creative mind to develop solutions that best serve individual citizens, your local community and the European society at large. You want to make sure that your needs and expectations are taken into account when local, national and European decisions and innovations are being developed.

  GET STARTED! FOLLOW OUR WORKSHOP AND SHARE YOUR IDEAS ON LINE The workshop is organised by Istanbul University, Institute of Marine Science and Management in collaboration with the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI), using SDD - Structured Democratic Dialogue. Contact persons for registration:  Hüsne Altıok: altiokh@İstanbul.edu.tr Fuat Dursun: fuat.dursun@istanbul.edu.tr Noyan Yılmaz: noyan@İstanbul.edu.tr It will involve citizens, scientists, business representatives, entrepreneurs, local authorities and policy makers in an open dialogue. Together, you will define a common vision and a roadmap of solutions and actions to face this challenge. The results, together with the outcomes of the other MARINA workshops in Europe, will be freely accessible on the MARINA Web Knowledge Sharing Platform, used for identifying lessons learned and best practices and disseminated at European policy conferences.

15 - 16 June 2017

9 am - 5 pm

IU Rektorluk Binası, Kılıçlık salonu, Beyazıt, Istanbul