ecsiteSea is everywhere in our daily lives and yet many people have no idea how vital and indispensable our relationship with the seas and oceans is. This disconnection results in dire consequences for the marine ecosystems, aquatic life and eventually all life on the planet. To cultivate a better relationship with the seas and the ocean we need to improve the understanding of our influence on the ocean and vice versa, as shown by the “Sea for Society” Europe-wide consultation. In line with the Mechelen Declaration, science centres and museums have an important role to play in helping citizens to make informed decisions in their everyday lives – for instance by improving the level of ocean literacy in our society.

The programme of this one-day workshop, atĀ Ecsite Annual Conference 2017, will offer a mix of theory and practice including hands-on, interactive sessions. The workshop will, among others, emphasize the latest advancements in the field of Responsible Marine Research and Innovation (MARINA project) and Ocean Literacy (Sea Change project). It will establish a solid scientific ground for a widespread improvement of our relationship with the ocean; will serve as a platform for discussion about the existing experience and practice while generating new ideas and offering practical examples on how to increase ocean literacy in our society.

Find here the “Sea in the City” Workshop Programme, atĀ Ecsite Annual Conference 2017.