B.EN.A International Conference 2017 “Environmental engineering and sustainable development”

benaBalkan Environmental Association (B.EN.A) is an international non governmental scientific organization tasked with preserving the environment and culture of Balkan countries. Nowadays the association has more 4,000 active members. The organization is aimed at developing the cooperation and the exchange of environmental information among its members in as well as identifying and appraising the current problems of environmental protection on a national, regional and international basis.

International Conference 2017 “Environmental engineering and sustainable development”, in memoriam Prof. dr. F.K. Vosniakos will be held in Alba Iulia, Romania, May 25 – 27 and will be focused on:

  1. Sustainable development and environmental protection
  2. Food safety, food quality and authentication of food products
  3. European integration, capacity building and market economy
  4. Agriculture, renewable energy and environment monitoring
  5. Effects of pollution on health – cell biology and molecular medicine perspectives

Mare Nostrum NGO, partner of MARINA Project, will be present on May 26, Section 1, at 12:10 a.m. with an oral presentation “Mobilisation and Mutual Learning – a Responsible Research and Innovation tool”, made by Anca Gheorghe.

In addition an article “Marine Knowledge Sharing Platform for Federating Responsible Research and Innovation Communities (MARINA) in two publications: “ECOTERRA Journal of Environmental Research and Protection” and “Procedia Environmental Science, Engineering and Management”.


For more information, please visit the event official website. Find here the B.EN.A International Conference 2017 final program.
Contact details: benauab@yahoo.com

25 – 27 May
International Conference 2017 “Environmental engineering and sustainable development”
Alba Iulia,
Nicolae Iorga Street,  510009

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  • 2017-09-25 - 2017-09-26 All day

    MARINA International Conference on Responsible Research and Innovation in Science, Innovation and Society
    Rome 25-26 September 2017

    Find here the RRI - SIS 2017 Conference Final programme.

    The scientific research is more and more addressing a holistic and multidisciplinary approach in the perspective of the Responsible Research and Innovation, aiming to anticipate and assess Implications and societal expectations and to foster the design of inclusive and sustainable research and innovation. Many researchers, European initiatives and projects in different domains and contexts already started to address Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles and themes, but in the last years a wide discussion is arising on these topics that requires to systematically share information and knowledge.

    The annual conferences organised within the activities of the MARINA project  are  the best occasion to reach and federate diverse targeted RRI groups and discuss with them case studies and experiences on RRI principles and themes starting from the marine domain, but not limited to it. These conferences are launched also for reinforcing the RRI community identity to be built according to the final resolution of  the conference of Rome in 2014 "SIS-RRI: Science, Innovation and Society: achieving Responsible Research and Innovation".

    The International Conference on Responsible Research and Innovation in Science, Innovation and Society (RRI-SIS2017) is the first annual conference of the MARINA project that aims at presenting the cases studies highlighting environmental preservation, RRI issues, principles and topics related with the research and innovation in the context of the H2020 societal challenges. The concept of Responsible Research and Innovation is relatively recent and it is part of the Europe 2020 strategy with the objective to promote a vision for a stronger collaboration among social, natural and physical scientists, societal actors and citizens in order to achieve a wider dimension of science and innovation and improve the role of society in environmental preservation. With this focus the conference will cover and systematise these themes and will help fill the gap in the present literature.

     The conference overall aim is to establish, organise and activate a Responsible Research and Innovation communitywhich involves scientists and societal actors working together during the whole research and innovation process with the common goals of aligning both the process and its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of the society and integrating citizens visions, needs and desires into science and innovation. Case studies and experiences will be collected and presented in the conference proceedings so providing an overview of several cases and experiences on Responsible Research and Innovation performed in several past and running projects on RRI.

    The proceedings will be composed of the following sections:

    • Governance, Public engagement and Inclusion in the responsible R&D and Innovation process
    • RRI actions in science education and communication
    • Gender and Ethical issues in RRI initiatives
    • Sustainability of RRI processes

    There is time until the 15th of July to submit papers, following the instructions provided for within the official website of the RRI - SSI 2017 - International Conference on Responsible Research and Innovation in Science, Innovation and Society  - to be held in Rome, Italy on September 25-26, 2017.  The Conference Proceedings will be published by Springer in SpringerBriefs in Research and Innovation Governance” series.

    RRI-SIS important dates

    • May 10, 2017: Deadline for workshop proposal
    • July 15, 2017: Deadline for paper submission
    • July 30, 2017: Notification of acceptance
    • August 15, 2017: Submission deadline for the final version of the Papers 
    • September 25-26, 2017: RRI-SIS2017 Conference
  • 2017-10-05 All day

    5 October 2017
    MARINA International Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Workshop
    Galway, Ireland

    "Explore the Development of Sustainable Tourism Opportunities within Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) through Responsible Research and Innovation" is the topic of next MARINA workshop to be held in Galway, organized by our partner Smartbay, which open the new MARINA MML workshop for months to come.

    Developing sustainable nature based tourism products and experiences can aid biodiversity protection, while offering local communities opportunities for social and economic benefit. However, to be effective, each enterprise requires appropriate knowledge, skills, abilities,   and   institutional   arrangements   to   define   and   solve   problems,   and   employ   legitimate participatory processes that support cooperation and afford stakeholders influence and benefit for their involvement.

    MPAs as “a clearly defined geographical space, recognised, dedicated and managed, through legal or other effective means, to achieve the long-term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values”

    The challenge is to achieve balance in the development of sustainable tourism products and services while ensuring that the MPA’s objectives of protecting the long-term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values.

    Copyright: Public domain

    What actions are needed from a policy, social / cultural, economic, technological perspective to develop sustainable tourism ventures within Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)?

    You want to use your creative mind to develop solutions that best serve individual citizens, your local community and the European society at large.
    You want to make sure that your needs and expectations are taken into account when local, national and European decisions and innovations are being developed.


    The workshop is organised by SmartBay Ireland and the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute using the Structured Democratic Dialogue methodology.

    It will involve citizens, scientists, business representatives, entrepreneurs, local authorities and policy makers in an open dialogue. Together, you will define a common vision and a roadmap of solutions and actions to face this challenge.

    The results, together with the outcomes of the other MARINA workshops in Europe, will be freely accessible on the MARINA Web Knowledge Sharing Platform, used for identifying lessons learned and best practices and disseminated at European policy conferences.

    Contacts Niamh Flavin, niamh.flavin@smartbay.ie, SmartBay Ireland

    Location Harbour Hotel, New Docks, Galway, Ireland,